Light Duty Poly

Light Duty Poly Blade

The clearing power of Arctic plows meets the new breed of agile, down-sized 4X4s. Featuring a scaled-down version of the QUIK*LINK® II mounting system, a high density polyethylene skin, and standard, sturdy Arctic construction, the Arctic LD-P offers many of the features of its bigger Arctic brothers, with all the durability. They'll call you small – until they call you for help.


5 Laser-Cut Steel Reinforcing Ribs

Back our friction-less poly moldboard with the strength of steel

Half ton tension springs
Full Size Tension Springs

Supports the plow and are attached to a 1/4" thick boxed quadrant that fixes to a double leg 2" x 2" boxed tubing A-frame with 1" easy to remove greaseable and bushing king bolt

Galvanized Steel frame
Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Frame

Provides added resistance to abrasion,  water and rust, making our plows virtually maintenance free.

QLIII Attachment
Quik*Link® III Attachment

Easily locks the blade, power angling and lift frame assembly to mounting kit assembly on vehicle using two 1"pins on both sides

Three 3/4” Open Pins

Secure the blade to the quadrant and A-frame assembly, eliminating pin seizure, and easing pin replacement.


Plow Model LD84-P LD90-P
Blade Length 84" 90"
Blade Height 23" 23"
Blade Skin 1/4" Poly 1/4" Poly
Trip Springs 2 2
Reinforced Ribs 5 5
Lift Cylinder 1 1/2" x 6" 1 1/2" x 6"
Angling Cylinder 1 1/2" x 10" 1 1/2" x 10"
Plowing width at full blade angle 75" 78"
Approximate weight 379 lbs 394 lbs
Cutting Edge 1" x 4" Poly 1" x 4" Poly
Mounting type Quik Link II - Detachable Quik Link II - Detachable

Approximate weight does not include vehicle mounting kit. 

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Recommended Accessories

6" Curved Deflector

Part# 53144-CR for 84" Poly Blade

Part# 52995-CR for 90" Poly Blade

Part# 52245-CR for 90" Steel Blade

HOP Shoe Kit
HOP Shoe kit

Homeowner Plow Shoe kit comes with height adjustable washers and lock pin.

Part #
Poly Cutting Edge
Steel Cutting Edge

Part# 53141-B (for 84" blade), Part# 52997-B (for 90" blade)