Accessories for Galvanized Spreaders


Vibrator kit

90290-80-H - Small Vibrator for Hitch Mount Salter

90291-200-M Large Vibrator for Galvanized Sander

Extensions for Galvanized Sander

Extensions for Galvanized Sander

Part #

Bolt on these extension plates for gaining extra height on your sander. Add desired boards on each side.

Inverted V for Galvanized Sander

Inverted V for Galvanized Sanders

Part #

Bolt the Inverted V kit on your Sander using height adjuster plate and fasteners, directs the salt/sand towards the flow gate by keeping the desired tension on chain

LED Work light

LED Work Light for Sanders

Part #
Spinner Guard

Spinner Guard

Part #

Protects the spinner from all obstructions

Tarp Kit

Tarp for Galvanized Sander

Click here to learn more about Arctic's Tarp

Part# 90247-06-M for 6' Sander, Part# 90247-08-M for 8' Sander, Part# 90247-10-M for 10' Sander,