Plow Partner

Attached using a height-adjustable 2" X 2" trailer hitch mount, the Arctic Plow Partner offers an independent power unit that is mounted to the plow lift frame. This means no sharing of the plow pump for pressure. Operated with a two-button pendant control in the cab, the Arctic Plow Partner puts the power to get into - and out of - those hard to reach spots, at your fingertips.


Hitch mount 2x2 receiver
2" x 2" Trailer Hitch Mount , Adjustable Height

Changes to meet the height of hitches on different vehicles and allows for easy attachment and removal.

Reinforcing Plate
4 Structurally Integrated Reinforcing Arms

For Enhanced Structural strength.

Stabilizer Arms
Stabilizer Arms

With trucks attaching U lug brackets for stability and help prevent bending if hit by any obstacles.

Steel Frame Galvanized
Hot Dipped Steel Galvanized Frame

Provides added resistance to abrasion,  water and rust, making our plows virtually maintenance free.

Side Plates Removable
Removable Side Plates

Equipped with Floating WING Shoes which are wear resistant and replaceable 


Plow Model PP84-S PP90-S PP96-S
Blade Length 84" 90" 96"
Blade Height 20" 20" 20"
Blade Skin 12 Ga Steel 12 Ga Steel 12 Ga Steel
Plowing width 84" 90" 96"
Lift Cylinder 1 1/2" x 5" 1 1/2" x 5" 1 1/2" x 5"
Approximate weight 340 lbs 349 lbs 358 lbs
Cutting Edge 3/8" x 5" Steel 3/8 x 5" Steel 3/8 x 5" Steel
* Mounting Type - Hitch 2" x 2" Hitch 2" x 2" Hitch 2" x 2" Hitch

* Class III or better.

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Recommended Accessories

Poly Cutting Edge
Poly Cutting Edge

Part# 53688-84-B (for 84" blade), Part# 53688-B (for 90" blade), Part# 52421-N (for 90" & 96" HD blade), Part# 52422-N (for 102" & 108" blade)


Plow Partner Information Brochure

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