Homeowner Steel Blade

Built for light pickup trucks, the Arctic HOP-S fits on QUIK*LINK mounts, and offers all the robust, 
dependable features Arctic is known for. The Homeowner Plow is perfect for homeowners that need to 
remove snow from a long driveway.


Steel blade ribs
5 Laser Cut Steel Reinforcing Ribs

For enhanced structural strength

QLIV Attachment
Quik*Link® IV Attachment

Easily locks the blade, power angling and lift frame assembly to mounting kit assembly on vehicle using spring loaded handle.

Galvanized Steel frame
Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Frame

Provides added resistance to abrasion,  water and rust, making our plows virtually maintenance free.

Tension spring
Tension Springs

Keep the blade upright and offer ample room for addition of a shock absorber kit, if desired

Open pins
Three 3/4 Pins

Secure the Blade to the Quadrant and A frame assembly, eliminating pin seizure and easing pin replacement


Plow Model HOP90-S
Blade Length 90"
Blade Height 25 3/4"
Blade Skin 14 Ga Steel
Trip Springs 2
Reinforced Ribs 5
Lift Cylinder 1 1/2" x 6"
Angling Cylinder 1 1/2" x 10"
Plowing width at full blade angle 78"
Approximate weight 415 lbs
Cutting Edge 1" x 4" Poly
Mounting Type Quik Link IV - Detachable

Approximate weight does not include vehicle mounting kit

Does this snowplow Fit My Vehicle? Which Plow is for you

Recommended Accessories

HOP Shoe Kit
HOP Shoe kit

Homeowner Plow Shoe kit comes with height adjustable washers and lock pin.

Part #
Poly Cutting Edge
Steel Cutting Edge

Part# 53141-B (for 84" blade), Part# 52997-B (for 90" blade)


Arctic Homeowner Steel Blade

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