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Every Plow is Special

Arctic offers a full line of accessories to augment the performance of its plows, or alter their capabilities for unique environments, duties and plowing situations. Everything from custom lights to specialized tools are available to set your plow apart, and make it the force for snow removal you need it to be.

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If you have parking lot full of gravel, a driveway full of leaves or a side road covered with dirt, the Power Angled Broomer makes cleaning up a snap.

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V plow flares

They are ideal for throwing snow further. In spreading the snow over a larger distance, this will allow you to build your side banks thicker and higher. Bolt on kit available for both 8’ & 9” Vee plows. (Part #: 53547-96-M for 8' V plow & 53548-108-M for 9' V plow) (video)

Wings for Full Trip Blade

Pro-Wings provide an additional 20” of blade width with a minimal increase in plow weight. Increase performance of your plow by controlling spill off. Wings will capture and hold more snow per pass resulting in quicker clean up and less passes. The extensions fit most pickup-mounted snowplows. (Part # PW22) (video)          

Trip Edge Plow Wing Extensions

Turn your trip edge plow into a pusher with these pin on wings. Bolt-on brackets with easy-to-remove pins allow for quick installation and removal. Move up to 3 times the normal volume of snow by turning your blade into a push plow. (Part # 52495-M) (video)

Loader Mount

Loader mount / skid steer attachment fits Arctic Blades 90” – 108”.

Skid steer/ tractor that uses a universal attachment system can be equipped with an Arctic plow. (Blade and power angling sold separately) PDF

Shock Absorber Kit

It is designed to reduce the return shock when plow has been tripped forwards. It fits on all commercial steel and poly full trip blades. (Part # for commercial steel blades and for Heavy Duty poly blades: 52298-M) 

Platinum Option

New Platinum series - The look of Stainless Steel without the extra weight or cost! Now available on any of our full size (90” -108”) poly blades. 

Curb Guard

The curb guard protects the edge of your plow against wear. It fits all sizes of blades. The curb guard is bolted to the first two cutting edge bolts. (Part # 52376-M)                           

Blade Markers

These hollow plastic tubes are spring loaded and come in two sizes: 24" and 30". (Part # 50999-B, 50999-B-EX)

LD-P Optional Spring Kit Add On

Optional bolt on extra spring kit is available for the LD-P Plow. (Part # 53035-01/02-M)                           

LD-P Optional Shoe Kit Add On

Optional bolt on extra shoes kit is available for the LD-P Plow. (Part # 53021-M)

V Plow Optional Third Spring

Optional third spring is available for the V Plow. (Part # 53014-M) 

V Plow Installation Tool

Optional installation tool is available for the installation of the third spring for the V Plow. (Part # 53031-M) 

License Plate Bracket

Don’t let your snowplow block the view of your front license plate. (Part # 53205-M)

Salt Box

Keep a supply of dry salt available with this handy polyethylene salt storage box. (Part # 52986-N)